No sun, no crowds, more fish... What more could you ask for?

Night fishing locations: *Land Cut *Baffin Bay Rock Piles *Port A Jetties *Estes Flats *Aransas Bay Reefs *Cedar Bayou *Texas Coast Surf

Hiring a fishing guide on the coastline of Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and Rockport has grown incredibly popular. Now a days trying to get on the water and have a relaxing day of fishing is more difficult due to the sheer amount of boat traffic present. 

Which is why I am now offering something that you won’t find with any other fishing guide on the Texas coast. Night fishing! How?

4 52 Inch light bars hung from the side of my boat’s K- Top with strength to draw fish from miles around. 

What’s the best part? No noise from a generator! These high efficiency LED bars are hooked up to 4 high voltage trolling motor batteries that allow you and your party to catch fish while enjoying each others company without having to put up with the obnoxious noise of a generator. It’s a win, win! 

What type of fish will we be targeting and how will we catch them?

The same kinds of fish you would expect to catch in the day time! Capt. Garrett focuses mainly on catching numbers of large Red Fish, Speckled Trout and Black Drum. The best part about night fishing out of a boat is your not limited to one fish in one area, you can go where the fish area and then make them come right up to the boat!

In order to catch the best fish available we will use many different kinds of artificial bait, also a wide selection of live and dead baits.

Not very experienced casting? Not a problem! Capt. Garrett will work hard to get you in the action.  

Can we keep 2 limits per person?How fast will we catch our fish? Is there really that much action?

One of the coolest parts about fishing at night is if we stay out past 12 Midnight, each person with a valid Texas fishing license can keep twice their daily limit! That’s 10 Speckled Trout per person, and Capt. Garrett can take up to 6 people fishing. So if we luck out and get into them really thick your party can keep up to 60 Speckled Trout!

Catching fish isn’t the problem when night fishing, it’s deciding how many you want to keep! And always remember, Capt. Garrett does no fish, no pay!

The action when night fishing is like no other. Not only do you catch fish left and right, as fast as you can reel them in, but the fish are literally within arms reach they school so close to the boat! It is like a fishing trip mixed with a trip to the aquarium! 

Check out a few of our catches after the sun goes down...


Land Cut, Baffin, Corpus Christi Fishing:    1,2, 3 People: $650     4 People: $750      5 People: $850      6 People: $950

Rockport: Same as day fishing prices. 

*For the months of June, July, and August, most night trips will be ran to the Land Cut area. That is where we have our greatest success for the trip this time of year.