Capt. Frazier understands all of the expenses that come into a trip to the coast. You have fuel cost, hotel cost, and restaurant bills to consider your budget.  That is why you will find his pricing both competitive and affordable. 

Day Fishing Pricing:

Spring Rates

  1 Person: $299, 2 people: $475     3 people: $575     4 people: $675    5 people: $775     6 people: $875

Night Fishing Pricing:

Land Cut, Baffin, Corpus Christi: 

2 People: $499     3 People: $600     4 People: $700     5-6 People: $850

Rockport: Same as day fishing prices. 

*For the months of June, July, and August, most night trips will be ran to the Land Cut area. That is where we have our greatest success for the trip this time of year. 

What should we bring & what will Capt. Frazier provide?

You need to bring:
*Texas Salt Water Fishing License. This needs to come with you on the boat.  (anyone under the age of 17 doesn’t need one.) 
*Weather appropriate clothing, sun glasses and sun screen. Always come prepared!
* A cooler with the drinks of your choice. 

I will bring:

*All bait we need for the day                *Tackle and fishing gear, including fishing poles ect.                                                            * I will clean and package the fish that we catch 

What fish will we be targeting?

Anytime you book a fishing charter with Capt. Frazier, your desired targeted fish species is  #1 priority! The four main kinds of fish you will be looking for are Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Flounder and Black Drum. Depending on the time of year and fishing conditions, one may be biting stronger than others, and Capt. Frazier will let you know which one that is when you book the trip. 

REMEMBER: Just because we caught our limit of one species doesn’t mean your day is over! Capt. Frazier will always try for other species until your satisfied with your trip!

Where will we meet Capt. Frazier on our fishing charter?

Every fishing trip is unique. Each day the tide, wind and other conditions change the way the fish will bite that day. That is why Capt. Frazier makes sure he never takes any fishing location off the table. This will insure that you have the greatest chance to catch your limit of the desired species. Capt. Frazier will always make sure he will come to the easiest and most convenient location according to your travel plans, but will also give you his professional opinion on where the best fishing has been most recently. 

Here you will find the address and mapped location of the boat launches Captain will be choosing from. When you book your trip, Captain will tell you when and where to meet him. In order to find your boat launches page, choose which city you are fishing out of here. 


Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

In order to have your trip reserved with Capt. Garrett, you will be required to pay a $100 deposit. Your trip IS NOT reserved until Capt. Garrett has received your deposit. You can cancel your trip and receive a refund of your deposit up until 14 days of your reserved date. Capt. Garrett will make the ultimate decision on if a trip will need to be canceled due to inclement weather. High winds or a light drizzle are not a valid reason to request a cancellation. Capt. Garrett may decide to postpone a trip for a time period to see if any bad weather may pass over. If a trip is canceled by the Captain, you will receive 100% of your deposit back.