Report: Winter is prime time to catch big numbers of Red Fish!

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If you’re like a lot of people, Winter is the season to put down the fishing poles and tackle box and go hunting for Deer and Ducks. 

Once the water temperature rises and the mullet get to running again, the chase is back on. 

Unfortunately, this is a common misunderstanding in the fishing community and leaves you sitting at home when there’s tons of cool weather action to be apart of!

Sure, hunting is a blast, but a true sportsman knows you should never sleep on the Reds in the Winter time.  

Caught in the Rockport area, these Red fish were hanging out all in the same area with some Black Drum as well. These fish were caught on classic Winter conditions with dead shrimp. 

We ended up with 15 Reds and 16 Black Drum! These are the days a fishing guide lives for!

I’m Capt. Garrett Frazier, a full time year round private fishing guide. Thanks for taking a second to check out this post.   

As someone that sees weather patterns come and go with the seasons every year, there’s one thing that is consistent from year to year.

There are several reasons why winter is the best, I’ll walk through a few of them and show you guys the results from trips exclusively from this time of year. 

This time of year, people expect sizable fish on their fishing charters. This was one of those days! All were really heavy fish. 

Massive Tidal Movements

As we all know, as Winter time grows stronger, these massive cold fronts begin rolling in. They come with extremely strong North winds. 

As the wind blows in the opposite direction, it does all the other times of the year, the same force that has been keeping the water on the bay is now blowing it out of all the coastal exits.

Because of this natural phenomenon, the best place to fish during these times are at the mouths of guts and slews that are connected to back water lakes around the Rockport and Port Aransas area. 

As the water is pouring out, bait is forced to exit with the current and the Red Fish know what to do from there!

Congregating at the mouths of these small channels, the Reds are aggressively charging  at anything that swims by. 

This was a day that seemed to not go as planned. The wind was blowing and it was very cold. Like I said before, the weather is worth the trouble as long as you catch fish! 

Extremely Low Tides

The next way to capitalize on this time of year is fishing oyster shell reefs that aren’t usually exposed.

Red Fish naturally gravitate around reefs any time of the year, but in the Winter time, they can’t resist them.

Because of those strong north winds that come and go with the cold fronts, the once covered reefs are now exposed, pulling all the bait that was on them with it.

The Red Fish know to hang out around the oysters so any bait that has been evicted will wait on the edges for the tide to return to normal.

The bays in the Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi areas are especially good for this type of fishing because of the sheer amount of oyster life that is present. 

There are lots of options to choose from when you’re on a bay fishing charter!

We caught these fish on classic winter conditions as well. These 6 Red Fish came in fast! Next time I think they will bring more people! 

Low Levels of Natural Bait

During the winter time, the activity of mullet, perch, crabs and shrimp goes through peeks and valleys.

Since the weather isn’t very consistent, the bait recedes to deeper water and other places that make it difficult for Red Fish to get to.

Which is why, in the Winter time, the Reds seem to eat anything they can get to. 

Usually, all it takes to entice a big Red to eat is dead shrimp or cracked crab, as long as you know where they are.

Because of that same reason, they never seem to stay in one place very long. They are always on the move looking for the next meal. 

This over sized Red Fish was caught on dead shrimp, too. It took a while to reel in, but they sure do take good pictures! 

But what about being on the water in the cold?

Texas provides one of the best winters to be on the water. Yes, the day the cold front rolls through, you do not want to be any where near the water. 

Other than that, most of the time, a sweater and/or a jacket will make fishing on the water systems in the Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi areas a beautiful day.

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We were waiting on the tide to move for a long time on this fishing guide. Then like a switch was flipped, the Bull Reds started to run and we had fish on every line in the water!

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